WATCH: Man paddles pumpkin boat over 40 miles to break record

WATCH: Man paddles pumpkin boat over 40 miles to break record

A Florence Man’s Quest for a World Records in a Giant Pumpkin Boat


In the quaint town of Florence, Massachusetts, a man named Dave Rothstein embarked on an extraordinary adventure that would not only challenge the bounds of conventional boating but also aim to etch his name in the annals of the Guinness World Records. His vessel of choice? A colossal, hollowed-out Giant pumpkin weighing a hefty 1,024 pounds.

The Journey By Pumpkin Boat World Record Begins

Dave Rothstein's Pumpkin Boat

With the crisp New England autumn air as his backdrop, Rothstein set sail from Deerfield near the Stillwater Bridge, navigating the serene waters of the Connecticut River. His destination: Holyoke, more than 40 miles downstream. This was no mere pleasure cruise; Rothstein’s odyssey was a bid to shatter the previous world record for the longest journey by pumpkin boat—a record set at 37.5 miles just a year prior by a Nebraska man.

A Community Effort

As Rothstein paddled his pumpkin boat, onlookers from the shore cheered, their applause echoing the rustling of the fall leaves. This journey was more than a personal triumph; it was a communal celebration. “Well, beating the world record is a record for everyone here in the valley, so I don’t consider that mine,” Rothstein humbly stated. His mission was dual-purposed: to break a record and to raise awareness for the conservation of the Connecticut River Watershed—an invaluable natural resource for the community.

The Challenge of the River

The Connecticut River, with its gentle currents and picturesque landscapes, may seem a tranquil setting for such a record attempt. However, the challenge was formidable. Paddling a pumpkin is no small feat; it requires balance, endurance, and an unyielding spirit. Rothstein’s journey was not without its perils—a near capsize and the relentless toll on the body—but his determination was unwavering.

Awaiting Confirmation

As Rothstein’s pumpkin boat touched the banks of Holyoke, the journey was complete. Over 40 miles paddled, and a new record potentially set. Yet, the official confirmation from Guinness World Records remains pending. The anticipation builds not just for Rothstein but for the entire Pioneer Valley, whose residents await the verdict with bated breath.

The Impact Beyond the Record

This remarkable voyage has done more than just potentially set a new world record. It has highlighted the importance of the Connecticut River and its watershed. It has brought a community together in support of one man’s quirky dream that reflects a shared love for their environment. And it has shown that sometimes, the most unconventional of vessels can carry the most profound of messages.

In Conclusion

Dave Rothstein’s pumpkin paddle down the Connecticut River is a testament to human ingenuity, community spirit, and environmental advocacy. As the world awaits the official nod from Guinness, one thing is certain: this journey will be remembered for years to come, not just as a record-breaking feat but as a celebration of the human spirit and the natural world that sustains it.

Watch Dave Rothstein’s Pumpkin Paddle

As we reflect on this tale of determination and environmental consciousness, we are reminded that sometimes the most extraordinary stories arise from the simplest of pleasures—like paddling a pumpkin down a river. Dave Rothstein and his giant pumpkin have indeed carved a slice of history on the Connecticut River.

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Longest journey by pumpkin boat – 60.35 km (37.5 miles) by Duane Hansen 🎃



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